Group Fitness Classes

UNLIMITED GROUP FITNESS CLASSES – $99 + tax for 6 months

There is no better time to start on your road to fitness!

Court Yard offers a variety of classes including Yoga, Cycling, Rhythmic Step, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Maybe moving and grooving in a Zumba class is more your speed. Or try out the hottest trends in fitness: Barre and Bollywood.

Class format and Instructor subject to change or cancellation without notice.
Please call ahead for status of TBA classes (513.777.5530)

NEW – CARDIO TENNIS! Try a fast moving fitness session on a tennis court with music – Read more

Court Yard Group Fitness Calendar

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Court Yard Group Fitness Calendar

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This class is for both men and women who love to work out while having fun listening to upbeat salsa style music!  You will not be bored and you may not notice the calories you are burning to the hot music!

CS – Core Strength Foundation for Strength
This class will focus on strength beginning with the center.  Your core provides stabilization and activation for all training and sports.  All muscle groups will be addressed using the core for both stabilizing and activating.

TS – Tennis Strength
Not just for tennis players!!!  You will be challenged with various athletic drills and strength training to support your game.  Agility, core, and functional strength will be the focus of this class.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of active recovery. 8 sets = 4 minute intervals. This is a proven method to improve stamina and increase fat loss.

GC – Group Cycling: Take the Ride of Your Life
ALL fitness levels are welcome to experience the non-impact, lower body and cardio challenging workout.

IC – Interval Cardio: Anything Aerobic
Short intervals of varying cardio combinations – step, drills, squats, jacks,kickboxing and jump rope – aerobic intervals to burn calories and build muscle

Kids Kardio – A Class for 9-13 year old participants
This is a group class that uses drills, resistance tubes, jump ropes and much more to keep the interest and improve or maintain the fitness level of our younger members.  Meet friends; bring friends, boys and girls welcome!

SP – Step: Up, Up, Down, Down and a Whole Lot More
Use a bench and risers to adjust your workout; any level can feel the benefits of this class.

Y – Yoga: Discover the Vitality of Being Truly Fit
Adapt this class to any fitness and flexibility level.  Strengthen, slim, detoxify and re-energize during this vigorous class.  Feel the power within!  *Yoga mats provided for this class

20/20/20 – 20 Min. of Step, 20 min. of Kick, 20 min. of Abs
The challenge here is change!

Mat Ballet
This class will bring awareness to your core and posture. Using mats, you will develop strength, control and balance.

ABSolute Core
30 minute of core work.  This class will focus on your midsection