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What is GCITA/Interclub Team Tennis?

 The Greater Cincinnati Indoor Tennis Association (GCITA) is made up of 13 local Tennis Clubs & Fitness Facilities.  Each Club/Facility forms teams at various skill levels. In fact, Cincinnati is one of a few cities around the country that offers these interclub competitive tiered-level leagues!

Matches are held on a weekly basis (always the same day of the week) within a range of scheduled times. Each team in a tiered level takes turns hosting the matches.

Currently, there are three sessions: Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-May), and Summer (May-August).  Teams are grouped by Level of Play (3.0 through 5.0) with further gradiation through Conference Number.  Levels/Conferences are grouped into Divisions according to the type of tennis.   Types of tennis play available are Weekday & Career(Weekend) Women’s and Men’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. You do not have to sign-up with a partner to play doubles, you will be paired with other members of that team for match play.

All Interclub players must be members of one of the GCITA associated clubs to be eligible for league play. Visit the GCITA Website.

Advantages of Becoming a GCITA/Interclub Player at Court Yard

20% Discount on Tennis Membership*
*Must play in a minimum of 6 Interclub matches during a session to be eligible
50% Discount on Court Time**
**Monday-Friday afternoons between 1:00-5:00 pm

Team Practices Available

View Court Yard Interclub Practice Times

1.5 hours of professional instruction with your team for $16/person.
5-7 Players (1 pro, 1 court)
8-12 Players (2 pros, 2 courts)
13+ Players (3 pros, 3 courts)


Match Prices

Interclub prices are set by GCITA:
Doubles: $16.00 for 2 hours
Singles: $18.00 for 1.5 hours